David Ungemah

David Ungemah

Managed Lanes and Alternative Revenue Practice Lead

“As a core strategy which not only reduces congestion, but also generates revenue, road pricing provides an opportunity to reverse one of the most problematic challenges our industry has faced in the past few decades.”

David focuses on the planning and implementation of express lanes, high occupancy vehicle facilities, priced freeways and other managed facilities solutions. As our managed lanes and alternative revenue practice lead, he helps clients explore and implement strategies for reducing congestion and raising revenue through proven road pricing strategies. 

Road pricing projects have been the focus of David's work throughout his 30-year career. As technical director or project manager, he has guided over 130 congestion pricing and managed lane projects in 22 states, as well as projects for the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Transportation. 

David has also gathered experience in many related practices, including public-private partnerships, intelligent transportation systems, digital applications, financial analyses, economics and social psychology. A nationally known expert in his field, he frequently presents at industry conferences and previously served as chair of the Transportation Research Board Congestion Pricing Committee.