Kate Bartelt

Kate Bartelt, TRUE Advisor

Sustainability and Resiliency Lead - Power, Industrial, Wast...

Kate collaborates with clients to deliver dedicated sustainability and resiliency services. She specializes in fusing environmental, sociopolitical and financial expertise to plan and implement integrated waste management systems. 

A curious and results-oriented person, Kate is passionate about understanding and learning from others.  She communicates complex engineering and scientific findings with all audiences — from clients and communities to elected officials — and develops strategic, mutually beneficial solutions. Kate has designed and implemented solid waste management planning and programming for more than 25 communities.

Kate’s research to identify waste management opportunities in climate action plans in 20 North American locations was featured in Waste Dive. She serves as the vice director of the Solid Waste Association of North America’s Planning and Management Technical Division, and a board member of the Iowa Recycling Association. She’s TRUE Certified, and trained in circular economy, public policy and environmental science.