Laycee Kolkman

Laycee Kolkman, P.E., PTOE

Traffic Engineering Director

“I’m excited to look to the future and see how emerging technology will impact traffic conditions. There are so many possibilities to incorporate these technologies into our traffic engineering practice.”

As our traffic engineering director, Laycee has devoted nearly two decades to expanding and enhancing clients’ traffic capabilities. She works directly with our traffic engineers and client teams to find effective ways of automating processes to reduce traffic modeling efforts and enhance the quality of our work and the benefits for our communities.

Laycee works with our traffic modeling and traffic design staff to provide advanced solutions to difficult traffic challenges. These solutions include innovative interchanges and intersection configurations, enhanced traffic simulation techniques and engineering designs that include active traffic management systems.

With a passion for operations analysis and emerging technologies, Laycee is looking ahead to understand how innovation in various means of transportation will impact future traffic conditions. With recent advances in ride sharing, connected autonomous vehicles and freight platooning, the way we model traffic is changing. Laycee is excited about tracking these trends and incorporating them into our traffic engineering practice.

In 2016, Laycee was named the Institute of Transportation Engineers Colorado/Wyoming Engineer of the Year. She is also affiliated with the American Public Works Association and the ITE.