Mike Falk

Mike Falk, P.E., Ph.D.

Wastewater Lead, West Region

Mike is a wastewater lead specializing in nutrient removal process design and energy optimization at water resource recovery facilities with an emphasis on nutrient management. He is passionate about evaluating emerging technologies and developing strategies for meeting low-level nutrient discharge permits. Over the last decade, he has been focusing on nutrient management at various watersheds across the country.

He has been leading the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies’ Nutrient Removal Optimization and Upgrade Study, making him an expert in Bay Area nutrient regulations. He's been leading the efforts with BACWA and its member agencies for the ongoing watershed permits. Since finalizing their groundbreaking first watershed permit in 2018, Mike has served as project manager on both the recycled water and nature-based solutions as a subconsultant to San Francisco Estuary Institute components for the second watershed permit. 

Mike is a recognized leader in nutrient management, both regionally and across the U.S. He's a regular speaker at regional and national conferences such as the California Water Environment Association, Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association and Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference.