Shane McDonald

Shane McDonald

Senior Hydrogeology and Modeling Technical Leader

Shane has almost four decades of experience as a geologist and systems engineer, providing services to private and public hazardous waste and remediation clients. As one of the industry’s leading technical experts, he’s often tapped to find solutions for complex hydrogeologic problems across the United States and worldwide.

Many projects he works on are superfund sites and legacy contamination from coal-burning facilities, which require a diverse team of experts. Shane helps clients assess and mitigate contaminants in groundwater and sediment at these sites.   

Shane was selected for HDR’s Fellowship Program to research and test his patented wicking well concept, an innovative method for capturing dissolved solids in groundwater with benefits for power and industrial entities. 

Throughout his career, Shane has authored papers and presented about difficult environmental issues such as contamination from coal combustion residuals and groundwater remediation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in geology from Kent State University and a master’s degree in system engineering from Penn State University.