Susana Erpestad

Susana Erpestad, AIA, ACHA

Principal, Health

“I am excited to observe and be a part of the accelerating pace of changes in the industry. As scientific breakthroughs, technological advancements, policies and attitudes toward patient care converge, healthcare design must keep pace.”

Susana is a board certified healthcare architect with extensive experience with domestic private, federal and international healthcare projects; full-service specialty hospitals; master planning; and ambulatory and outpatient care settings. Throughout her 18-year career, she has designed and planned 25 million square feet of healthcare projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

As a health principal for the Mid-Atlantic region and a practice leader, Susana is responsible for spearheading growth and development as well as client engagement. She takes pride in mentoring and leading her team, and she enjoys the strategic problem-solving aspects of her job. “I’m working with and solving challenges alongside the brightest minds and the most experienced professionals in the industry, which is extremely motivating and fulfilling,” she says.

Susana is passionate about health, wellness and innovative place-making, as well as the influence that human-centered design has on the continuum of care.