Thomas Stout

Thomas Stout, Ph.D.

Inductive Pavement Lead

As our inductive pavement lead, Thomas supports the planning and implementation of inductive technologies as well as electric vehicle charging. He helps to educate owners and infrastructure development teams on the opportunities and innovative benefits of incorporating electric charging and future wireless power transfer applications in transportation systems. WPT is a growing component in transportation electrification, and Thomas guides clients on how to apply the technology in electronic roadway systems. Thomas works with agencies and fleet owners as they transition to electric, helping determine the optimum charging solution for their specific fleet needs.

Thomas brings firsthand experience with WPT and electric applications, as well as working with those who use it. His background in product development included inventing and patenting an alignment system for use with WPT on electric vehicles. Thomas also developed the world’s first wireless charging system for electric vehicles to be sold to the general public, as well as the first wireless charging systems for electric vehicles to successfully pass third-party testing in the United States, at both 3.3kW and 7.2kW. 

Working extensively with startups required Thomas to wear a lot of hats in the past, and it gives him a unique understanding of embedded system design from the big picture all the way down to the smallest of details.

“I’m a very technical person who is passionate about the engineering and technology behind what makes wireless power transfer work. I have a deep understanding of how these systems are designed and operate, and I have a passion for working with these systems and a strong desire to see them successfully deployed.”