Tim Raibley

Tim Raibley, P.E.

Program Lead, Organics Management

Tim is a licensed civil engineer, and the founder and co-leader of our organics management practice — a cross-discipline practice bringing water/wastewater, food/beverage and solid waste services together to serve communities and industry. Based in Folsom, California, he’s an expert on California’s progressive waste regulations and industry trends worldwide. 

You might hear Tim say “I love the trash business!” And it’s true. He’s passionate about breaking down barriers for waste management, and developing innovative approaches that bring our clients long-term solutions.

Tim’s led the development of multiple cutting-edge projects like the City of Surrey Organics to Biofuel Facility and the Delta Diablo Bioenergy project. He’s currently serving as project manager for the repurpose of the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery Station and the Sacramento County North Area Recovery Station.  

He’s a zealous speaker and author in the waste industry, presenting in the wastewater and waste industries in addition to serving as a board member of Solid Waste Association of North America Gold Rush Chapter.