2975 Oak Street

Oak Street Apartment Building

2975 Oak Street

Integrated Addition Revitalizes Heritage Building

The Oak Street Tower project is a revitalization and addition to an existing heritage structure in the Fairview neighborhood of Vancouver.

The original building, recently known as the Sante Fe and first called The Van Arsdel, was a three-story apartment complex with 14 units, built over 85 years ago. The building was designed by Townley & Matheson, who also designed Vancouver City Hall.

The new development project, designed for the Aquilini family, is a twelve-story residential tower that adds 50 rental units to the residential market. HDR's objective on this project was to add new residential capacity on the site, while preserving the architectural legacy of the existing building.

The design for the new tower recognizes the value and architectural significance of the existing Santa Fe building on the site, originally constructed in 1937 and presently evaluated as a “B” heritage building, by the City of Vancouver. Our scheme proposes to save the Oak Street and 14th Avenue façades, incorporating them into the new design. These façades will remain in their existing locations, completely rehabilitated to contemporary standards for residential buildings within the City of Vancouver.

The new apartment building emerges above the heritage structure — a contemporary design of glass, aluminum and steel. The design orients the residential units to face north and south, taking advantage of the views in each direction. Each floor contains four units; 25% of the rental units are two-bedroom apartments located on the bottom three levels of the building, addressing the city’s aim that one-quarter of all units in secured market rental developments be suitable for families. Balconies emerge on the south and north faces, providing access to sunlight and sunset views.

The building is cast from concrete and incorporates under building parking. The design orients the residential units to the north and south, taking advantage of the breathtaking views.

Sustainable features include:

  • Natural ventilation, enhancing indoor air quality
  • Regionally sourced construction materials
  • Low-emitting construction materials
  • Materials and finishes with high recycled content
  • Access to natural daylight in all habitable rooms
  • Water-efficient landscaping
Oak Street Apartment Building
Aquilini Investment Group

Vancouver, BC

50,000 sf (4,645 m²)