67 Albert Avenue

67 Albert Avenue

67 Albert Avenue

An Illuminating Entrance

The new owner of this 1980’s office building sought a redesign that would change the perception of the building and signal a new focus on quality space. The contemporary design not only updated the visual aesthetic, but also increased the amount of natural light entering the upper level, creating a new and welcoming destination space with a modern ground floor cafe encompassed by a breakout lounge area. It also opened up the lobby to the street and the Garden of Remembrance across the way.

  • The design is simple in that the ceiling light installation now is the dominant feature. The backlit and undulating forms articulate a unique visual presence at the street level, and provided the team with an opportunity to test cutting-edge fabrication tools.
  • The upper level has been paired back to a rectilinear form maximizing the double height space to the street and connecting the two levels of the lobby through the undulating ceiling.
  • The ceiling lighting system allows for an evolving read of the space. During the day, the individually addressable lights move slowly. In the evening, when the space is predominantly empty, the lighting moves at a faster pace drawing attention to itself from both the street and the train line that sits across from the garden.
67 Albert Avenue

Sydney, NSW

5,382 SF (500 m²)


Good Design Selection® (2017)
Architectural Design: Interior Design Category
Good Design