American Heroes Park

Architectural rendering of a park during the day with children playing

American Heroes Park

A Display of National Pride

Designed as a symbol of national pride, American Heroes Park commemorates the country’s military branches and those who have served, establishing a space where the Bellevue community can gather to honor past and present service members. Located on the west bank of the Missouri River and formerly home to a power plant, the 73-acre brownfield site will be transformed into a destination park. To help revitalize the site, HDR was invited to develop a master plan for an underdeveloped portion of the area in an effort to draw in visitors and create a point of connection for community and collective pride.

Architectural rendering of an event lawn in a park at night

Placing the Focus on Celebration

The theme of appreciation and celebration was central to the development of the master plan. Notable features and amenities include a dedicated lawn and hall for special events, an observation tower and a lakeside pavilion. The park’s inclusive design aims to create a destination where accessibility elements are fully integrated into the visitor experience so that people of all abilities can enjoy the park throughout all four seasons. The park also features:

  • A maze of native grass varieties, logs to balance on, climbing boulders and an array of natural elements creates a dynamic play experience that allows all ages to create their own adventure.
  • The Celebration of Service Plaza, composed of resilient materials for year-round use, includes space for yard games and celebratory integrated artwork dedicated to the various branches of service.
  • An activity zone invites visitors to play and relax in an inclusive environment featuring large berms, hill slides, a zipline and a hammock grove.
  • A sea wall built along the lake offers visitors views of the water.
  • The 1,500-square-foot lake pavilion can host small gatherings, while the surrounding site includes a boardwalk to a bio-retention garden, plaza space, an accessible kayak launch, a renovated fishing pier and stone outcroppings that provide access to the water.
Architectural rendering of a sea wall running along a lake

Bringing Bellevue Outdoors, Together

As a destination park interwoven with opportunities for engagement, commemoration and connection to nature, American Heroes Park will bring Bellevue together as a unified whole, generating prosperity and connection. 

Architectural rendering of a park during the day with children playing
City of Bellevue

Bellevue, NE
United States

73 acres