Brillio Office Renovation

Brillo Office Renovation Kitchen

Brillio Office Renovation

Commuter-Friendly Renovated Office Space in the Heart of a City Center

With an established presence in the south bay area, Brillio — a software firm focused on digital technologies — sought to transform and upgrade its existing small east Bay location in San Ramon. Located in the Bishop Ranch development, the space is within a 4 million square feet campus that offers an easy commute, autonomous shuttle buses, hiking and running trails and a new award-winning “City Center” of retail and restaurants.

When Brillio decided to expand its east bay space, they chose HDR as designers for the creativity displayed in our numerous Bishop Ranch projects. As the design team, our role was to re-envision Brillio’s space by expanding their current small space and form a cohesive design between old and new.

Our design solution for Brillio’s space created a largely open office environment with minimal private offices centered around a radiused floor plan. Consequently, many rooms have curved walls and circulation arcs through the space, providing varying views and experiences throughout. A mix of conference, meeting, huddle, and call rooms were equally distributed to ensure that staff always had a place to meet. A central zone provides a break area, informal all-hands meeting space and a feature “stadium” of tiered seating for both staff and potential clients. The program also included a board room and open collaborative informal areas for touchdown working and impromptu meetings.

The careful use of a vibrant green and brown/grey emulates the Brillio brand, while accentuating key areas and emphasizing some of the curved walls within the space. Furniture is light in color and flexible for future reconfiguration.

Brillo Office Renovation Kitchen

San Roman, CA
United States

12,000 sf (1,115 m²)