Brookhaven National Laboratory Data Center

Brookhaven National Laboratory Data Center Data Hall

Brookhaven National Laboratory Data Center

Repurposing an Existing Asset as a Data Center

The methods and techniques of scientific research at Brookhaven National Laboratory are increasingly dependent upon the ability to acquire, analyze, and store vast quantities of electronic data. The needs for data processing equipment and supporting infrastructure are anticipated to continue to grow exponentially, soon exceeding the capacity of existing data center resources. At the same time, the original National Synchrotron Light Source, also known as NSLS-1, provides an opportunity to repurpose an existing asset to meet this growing need in a facility with fundamentally sound basic characteristics, and in an advantageous central campus location.

HDR is providing full design services for the renovation of Building 725 at Brookhaven National Laboratory to provide data center facilities serving the research needs of the lab. With an initial deployment of 4.8 MW, this Tier-III facility provides data processing equipment space separately for RHIC/Atlas, NSLS-II / BES, and for CSC based on projections provided by these directorates. Office and office support space supports approximately 22 private offices and 20 shared workstations in immediate proximity to the data center.

Facility operations areas include mechanical and electrical equipment rooms, fire protection equipment areas, as well as loading, uncrating, assembly, and technician areas.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Data Center Data Hall

Upton, NY
United States

61,980 SF (5758 m²)