Crocs Headquarters

Crocs Headquarters Meeting Spaces HDR

Crocs Headquarters

Innovative Workplace Supports Company’s Vision

Crocs, Inc. engaged HDR to rethink its workplace strategy and interior design so that it embodies the Crocs brand, better supports its work process and allocates space more efficiently. In addition, Crocs wanted to consolidate two existing facilities into one new innovative work environment while accommodating their current program elements as well as projected growth. Since the previous space allocation was above industry best practice, under-utilized, and not supporting work processes, Crocs sought to investigate alternative workplace strategies. 

To address these issues, HDR engaged leadership and focus groups in vision and goal setting sessions, workplace design workshops, brand inspiration exercises, programming interviews, organizational planning sessions, concept development and board presentations.  Through this process, the design not only supports Crocs future business and financial goals but also enables optimal work flows and employee work styles. Special attention was given to flexible workrooms and brand engagement spaces for each of the lines so that they could be developed, designed, managed and merchandised. Development inspiration rooms are where seasonal product line offerings were inspired, imagined, designed. Changeable displays for current and next season products are located throughout the headquarters.

Crocs Headquarters Meeting Spaces HDR
Crocs, Inc.

Niwot, CO
United States

18,000 SF (1,672 m²)