Emil "Lucky" Reznik Bus Operations Facility

Emil "Lucky" Reznik Bus Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility

Emil "Lucky" Reznik Bus Operations Facility

At about 160,000 square feet, the $19.1 million Emil “Lucky” Reznik Bus Operations Facility fulfilled a growing community need for bus service and storage. The facility, owned and operated by South Bend Transportation Corporation (TRANSPO), also enjoys being the first of its kind to achieve LEED Platinum status for sustainability.

We led planning and design, providing services such as space needs programming, facility needs assessment, master planning and conceptual design, equipment industrial design and construction oversight.

TRANSPO needed to replace existing facilities, which were aging and too small. The new facility houses eight maintenance bays, six of which are drive-through, a chassis wash bay and specialty shop areas. It can store up to 76 buses indoors; and as TRANSPO’s fleet grows, the facility’s sustainable design allows expansion to accommodate up to 130 full-size buses.

Among the facility's most unique and sustainable features are its ground source (geothermal) heating and cooling, which reduce its  greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

By the Numbers

Fleet Size

  • 76 buses current
  • 130 buses future

Site Size

  • 12 acres

Facility Size

  • Administration: 6,400 sf
  • Operations: 5,400 sf
  • Maintenance: 22,600 sf
  • Fuel/Wash: 8,100 sf
  • Bus Storage: 117,000 sf


Emil "Lucky" Reznik Bus Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility
South Bend Transportation Corporation (TRANSPO)

South Bend, IN
United States

159,500 sf
LEED Platinum