Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital

Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital

Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital

Complex Campus Transformation Elevates Care in the Utah Valley 

The Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah has undergone a major multi-phase campus construction project replacing a majority of the aging building space on the current campus and transforming the entire campus identity. The seismically retrofitted and outdated facilities were no longer meeting the needs of the community and were nearing the end of their use. As a solution, they have been replaced by two large buildings — a new Pedersen Patient Tower and the Sorenson Legacy Tower outpatient building. 

Design elements for the new facilities were thoughtfully used to enhance the patient and staff experience while supporting health and wellness on site. The design team utilized on-stage/off-stage concepts and consolidated previously scattered services to streamline operations and define efficient and intuitive paths throughout the hospital. Natural light and open views to nature were incorporated across the facilities for both patient and staff well-being. To bring the healing nature of the outside into patient space, large and private patient rooms are oriented to maximize views of the Wasatch Mountains. 

As a complex, multi-phase project, it was critical for the project team to deliver a solution on the fast track. Thirteen different packages were developed to ensure a smooth transition between the various phases. Proper planning and phasing minimized disruption to ongoing operations and seamlessly connected the new buildings with the older facilities. 

Two Buildings, One Care Mission

The 470,000-square-foot, 12-story patient tower houses several hospital services, including all core invasive, diagnostic, treatment, and support services. This new 232-bed tower features modular and standardized 36-bed patient units per floor with acuity adaptable patient rooms for critical care, stepdown, medical/surgical and rehabilitation services.

The nine-story outpatient building will be home to hospital outpatient and support services, education and simulation centers, the cancer center, an outpatient pharmacy and Intermountain InstaCare site. This facility is shaped by lean principles. The design team engaged a lean consultant to conduct several intense lean workshops to ensure a high-performance and efficient facility. As a result, each clinic module is consistently designed to accommodate changing community needs, with central work hubs and strong on-stage and off-stage spaces. 

LiVe Well Garden Park 

Intermountain Healthcare’s LiVe Well program is focused on four components: Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, and Be Well. As the new tower relocated services and the existing tower was demolished, space was cleared for the new LiVe Well Garden Park, which is bordered by the new tower and outpatient building. The grand healing garden features a large pond, waterfall, and a walking path as a focal point for the campus and provides therapeutic outdoor space for staff, patients, and visitors to enjoy. 

Getting Around 

All site circulation has been reoriented to improve campus access and parking for inpatient and outpatient campus zones. Approximately 2,000 additional parking spots, a new helipad, new receiving and loading areas, and access drives have been added to support the new facilities, enhance points of access, and make the user experience more pleasant. 

The new hospital and clinic revitalize the appearance of the campus and allows for improvements in technology, the progression of patient treatment from one care area to another, increases in patient room size, and much more as care delivery continues to transform over time. 

Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital
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