Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Program Management

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Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Program Management

San Diego’s famously fair weather, geographic and cultural landmarks and thriving economy have made it one of California’s premier destinations and home to some 3.2 million residents, a number forecasted to increase nearly 23 percent by 2030.

As population grows, so will transportation needs.

And nowhere more so than along San Diego’s Mid-Coast Corridor, which extends north of downtown to the community of University City. Freeways and arterials within the corridor are already congested. University City’s flourishing developments have deemed it San Diego's second downtown. The area is home to many major employers and high-density residential areas. Yet its transit connection to Downtown San Diego, which is the economic and transportation hub for the region, does not currently exist. This $2.2 billion project will change that.

When complete, the Mid-Coast Corridor light-rail transit line will close this 11-mile gap. It will operate on elevated track structures nearly half that distance and at grade for the remainder. It will stop at nine new stations and serve an estimated 21,000 new daily transit riders. The Mid-Coast Trolley will function as a northern extension of the region’s current Blue Line Trolley, which operates north and south between downtown and the international border.

HDR, in partnership with TYLin International, serves effectively as an extension to senior staff at San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). In our role on the program management team, we supported SANDAG in developing strategies for the successful New Starts grant application that secured $1.04 billion in funding from the Federal Transit Administration in September 2016. Construction broke ground about a month later, on October 22, 2016, and is scheduled for completion in 2021.

When HDR joined the project in early 2011, SANDAG needed a team familiar with local and federal requirements and with a proven understanding of the agency’s strategies. We now work on behalf of SANDAG to bring consensus among cooperating agencies and key stakeholders, support funding strategies and provide engineering and leadership support. As of October 2016, the Program Management Consultant team is contributing 22 professionals that support SANDAG.

We work side-by-side with SANDAG staff to augment their expertise and support the program as the project enters new phases of construction and operations. Our team is tailored and re-tailored to complement existing expertise and meet the unique demands of SANDAG and the project.

“We are excited to be on SANDAG’s team to assist in bringing this extraordinary vision to life,” said Tom Jenkins, HDR principal project manager. “This light rail extension will improve the quality of life and mobility for San Diego residents and visitors, offering an alternative to increasingly congested freeways and a reliable connection to employment, education opportunities, health care, retail centers and attractions.”

San Diego at night
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