NYU Langone Health 180 Madison

NYU Langone Dry Lab

NYU Langone Health 180 Madison

A “Main Street” for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

NYU Langone Health needed to expand off-campus research facilities by developing dry research space for 500 new employees in its Department of Population Health. Concerned the explosive growth could weaken key ties between research staff, the client secured a new lease for 100,000 gross square feet across 10 floors at 180 Madison Avenue so the department could be collocated in a single building. Our team provided architectural, planning and engineering services for renovation across nine of the ten floors. 

To achieve their mission to “bridge the divide between medicine and public health,” NYULH needed space that would support different work styles and activities, from group collaborations to singular contemplation, while creating a cohesive department. The design team developed a strategy called “Main Street,” a collaborative zone just off the elevator lobby of each floor that creates a buffer of privacy for “heads down” contemplative work at private work spaces, and a location where individuals can host employees from other groups when working on team exercises.

Amenities along Main Street include pantries; small and medium-size, technology-enables meeting rooms; “quiet” spaces; informal booths, discipline work rooms, numerous formal and informal seating areas; and poster session and whiteboard areas. 

A refinished building egress stair on the NYULH floors allows better communication between floors and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

NYU Langone Dry Lab
NYU Langone Health

New York, NY
United States

90,000 sf (8,361 m²)