University of Colorado Biotechnology Building Academic E-Wing

University of Colorado Academic E-Wing Addition

University of Colorado Biotechnology Building Academic E-Wing

Flexibility for an Interdisciplinary Future

The Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building co-locates 3 major groups (Biochemistry Division of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences; and the Chemical & Biological Engineering Department in the College of Engineering and Applied Science) who’ve come together with the mission of understanding and manipulating living cells and their genetic material as well as controlling cellular behavior through a global analysis of molecular events using methods spanning a continuum from basic to applied research. Following the successful completion of the building, where HDR served as architect of record and lab planner, HDR was retained to design the academic E-Wing addition. The adaptable design and infrastructure facilitates flexibility to remodel, accommodate new technology and operate systems to optimize comfort, safety and sustainability.

Key features include:

  • Flexible infrastructure, including large floor to floor heights, low flow fume hoods and mobile casework, allows for changes to space and function of the building in the future.
  • Design lessons learned from the existing building were incorporated into the E-Wing design: more collaboration spaces both inside and outside to accommodate a variety of work preferences and technology needs, improved recycling bin locations and enhanced western views to the mountains.
  • Exterior windows in labs changing to interior windows were left in place and dry walled over or covered with a window film to support privacy and minimize disruption to current lab users.
  • Opportunities to reduce costs (e.g., working around existing structure) helped keep the project on schedule.
  • Laboratory utilities were reviewed to streamline operations and cost.
  • Existing materials/finishes were used where it made sense, with updates thoughtfully incorporated to refresh and look and feel of the E-Wing.
University of Colorado Academic E-Wing Addition
University of Colorado

Boulder, CO
United States

365,000 sf (62,087 m²)