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HDR’s Nico Malfara Discusses Workforce Development and Equity with Metro Magazine

Nico Malfara
Nico Malfara

Nico Malfara, P.E., HDR’s transit planning section lead in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, recently talked with Metro magazine about some of the largest challenges facing transit systems today as they plan new projects and seek to meet their customers’ changing needs.

Malfara shared tangible ways that he’s helped incorporate an equity lens on transit projects, the benefits of HDR’s focus on employee development and why improving transit ridership will require flexibility. He also pointed out that while the transit industry is seeing some major shifts, there are still many successes to celebrate.

“Every day across North America, millions of people seamlessly get to work or other destinations safely and on time,” Malfara said. “That’s an amazing achievement that shouldn’t be forgotten and should be promoted to keep funding flowing and avoid the service cuts that will only erode ridership further.”

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