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Broadband Deployment Planning, Design and Implementation

Funding, Planning and Implementing the Expansion of High-Speed Internet for All

Reliable and affordable broadband service is a necessity in today’s environment of remote work, e-learning and telemedicine, yet inequities exist, creating a “digital divide” between those with access to fast reliable internet and those without. Unprecedented funding is now available to cities, counties and states to help close the digital divide and expand coverage to unserved or underserved populations. 

This once-in-a-generation opportunity will allow forward thinking agencies to expand their connectivity and improve their communities with affordable, accessible broadband. Our experts help organizations navigate new funding programs, including managing and implementing state-level programs, and planning systems at the local or county level. We also work with providers to build relationships between the public and private sector and facilitate the implementation of their system in targeted areas.

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Mark Pohlmann

Providing Broadband Deployment Assistance at Every Level

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Statewide, Regional and Local Planning

Our team of national broadband policy experts have the experience to deliver effective and practical action plans and funding proposals for states, counties, and cities.

  • Assessment of existing conditions
  • Gap analysis
  • Project prioritization
  • Long-term planning


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Local Implementation

With experience in broadband deployments across the U.S., our experts can fill many roles for cities, counties and regions as communities begin deploying technology in their areas.

  • Engineering Design
  • Construction oversight
  • Right of way analysis
  • Project management

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Private Sector Collaboration

Every broadband project and every community is different. We work with private telecommunications firms and utility providers to implement solutions tailored for each community.

  • Construction assistance
  • Public coordination
  • Policy review
  • Design guidelines

Statewide BEAD Action Plans

The federal Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program makes a substantial investment in expanding broadband, with $42.5 billion to be made available to states. We can help state agencies navigate the complex program and its strict timeline, including developing BEAD Action Plans, working through the state challenge process, and creation of initial and final implementation proposals. Our GIS and data visualization experts can identify and prioritize communities in need using mapping and spatial analysis. This comprehensive review of project communities on a granular scale is integral to accurately access and convey broadband needs across communities.

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State Digital Equity Plans

The $2.75 billion Digital Equity Act provides funding to states to promote digital inclusion, develop digital literacy and improve the lives of communities through greater adoption of broadband services. Our professionals can help states develop the required digital equity plans, complementing work on BEAD action plans and coordinating data and communication needs to efficiently fulfill the programs' requirements and reduce the burden on community stakeholders. At a regional and local level, the same principles apply but the resources are often more constrained. We understand the importance of digital equity and can provide right-sized approaches to help clients understand better the needs of their communities and prepare strategies to address them.

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Public Outreach

Effectively communicating the importance of bridging the digital divide will be key to maintaining public support for broadband initiatives. Our communications professionals can develop customized presentations, talking points and key information for elected officials and stakeholders. In addition, we can help facilitate direct outreach and education to affected communities, to ensure an equity-driven community engagement approach to projects.

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Technical Expertise for Every Phase of Broadband Deployment

Planning and Project Start-Up

Our planning and data experts provide the insights and strategic advice needed to ensure broadband programs are set up for success, whether preparing environmental reviews or writing grants.

Design and Engineering

Our technical leaders design innovative solutions to take projects from the drawing board to the field, whether your need is for civil engineering, utility coordination or systems planning.

Implementation and Maintenance

We provide the experts who ensure that projects are deployed as they should be and continue performing as planned, during and after construction, with procurement development, construction management and ongoing asset management services.

Overarching Services

In addition to services for each phase of a program, our experts can assist in overseeing work from start to finish, with help that spans a program's life cycle such as project controls, risk management and strategic communications.