William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery | AFS Annual Meeting

AFS Annual Meeting

September 29, 2019 -
October 03, 2019

Reno-Sparks Convention Center
Reno, NV
United States

American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference

We’re excited to be a Gold Sponsor and presenting at the 2019 Joint Annual Conference of the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society. We hope you will join us as we share case studies and insights on the latest innovations and techniques in the fisheries industry.

Our Solutions for Fisheries in a Changing Environment 

Our AFS 2019 Conference Sessions

1:10 p.m. | Use of Long-Term Estuarine Trawl Data to Inform 316(b) Compliance | Convention Center Room A13

  • Presenter: Tom Thompson

5:30 p.m. | Los Padres Dam Fish Passage Facilities Successes and Challenges | Convention Center Poster Session

  • Presenter: Jacob Venard 

9:00 a.m. | Managing Invasive Species in 316(b) Benefits Valuation Studies | Convention Center Room A20

  • Presenter: Erin Bradshaw Settevendemio; Co-author: Misty Huddleston

4:20 p.m. | Evaluating Artificial Propagation and Translocation Techniques to Better understand and Ultimately Restore Pacific Lamprey | Convention Center Room A8

  • Presenter: Brian McIlraith; Co-author: Dave Ward

10:30 a.m. | Improving Fish Protection and Passage at a Century-Old Facility – Alameda Creek Diversion Dam Fish Passage and Screening Improvements | Convention Center Room A7

  • Presenter: Michael Garello

11:10 a.m. | Developing Advanced Tools to Understand Habitat Availability in a Disturbed Landscape on the Merced River | Convention Center Room A9

  • Presenter: Jarvis Caldwell; Co-author: Gabriel Kopp

11:10 a.m. | Exploring the Potential for Integrating Fish Refugia into Large Screened Diversions | Convention Center Room C1

  • Presenter: Gabriel Kopp; Co-author: Charles Vertucci


1:50 p.m. | Replacing Low Head Dams with Nature-Like Fishway to Improve Fish Passage and Maintain Water Supply | Atlantis Hotel Grand Ballroom 7

  • Presenter: Matthew Prociv