Matt Cochran

Matt Cochran

Fisheries Director

As fisheries director, Matt’s daily activities include oversight for all three technical service areas, including fisheries and aquatic science, fisheries design center and fisheries ecohydraulics. He is responsible for developing and coordinating our fisheries staff and services, setting strategic direction and delivering high-quality fisheries and aquatic projects.  

Matt is passionate about enhancing aquatic resources and thrives on helping clients clear obstacles to success while providing innovative solutions. 

He's been involved in a large variety of projects, including fisheries assessments, design of water supply systems, biological programming for fish growth requirements in hatcheries, lake restoration studies, recirculating aquaculture systems, invasive species projects, fish passage, construction administration, studies for wetlands, water quality reviews and environmental assessments.

Matt has worked on projects in 41 states, three Canadian provinces and the United Arab Emirates. His experience helps connect successful project features across multiple regions and across multiple species. He has worked on projects for warmwater, coolwater and coldwater fish species including both freshwater and marine species.