Bingham Canyon Mine

aerial of mine pit

Bingham Canyon Mine

Proactive planning and crisis communication minimize the social impact of a major disaster.

And it made a difference when the largest recorded (non-volcanic) landslide in U.S. history struck Rio Tinto Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah. Through advanced planning and monitoring, not one person was injured.

When Kennecott knew the slide would occur, they proactively worked with us to get a crisis communications strategy and emergency response plan in place ahead of time. When the slide occurred, we mobilized our public involvement team onsite to guide stakeholder, media, social media and internal response. Our strategy and messaging established Kennecott as the go-to source for information, protecting its reputation, keeping the public's confidence high and enabling leaders to focus on recovery.

aerial of mine pit
Rio Tinto Kennecott

Salt Lake County, UT
United States

Largest recorded (non-volcanic) landslide in U.S. history with 165 million tons of material