Cedars-Sinai Innovation Center

workstations at Cedars-Sinai Innovation Center

Cedars-Sinai Innovation Center

The Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Innovation Center delivers both groundbreaking research and inventive design. Located in the Blue Building at the iconic Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, the design transforms what were showrooms into a research facility for highly technical/flexible lab spaces. The locations of the Innovation Center and Biomanufacturing Center provide the opportunity to lend prestige to the space, making sure staff and visitors appreciate the research being conducted.

Flexible Labs, Sophisticated HVAC

The former showroom, part of the three-building Pacific Design Center originally designed by Cesar Pelli in 1974, came with a challenging geometry, low floor-to-floor heights and a non-contiguous floor plan. To provide flexible, open labs, the design team had to resolve issues related to both the space and the HVAC system. Through close collaboration with stakeholders, the design team identified space-saving strategies before design work began, while 3D modeling allowed users to provide feedback during the design process.

Collaboration between the owner, design team and client also provided the solution to HVAC questions, as new air handling units brought in piece by piece and assembled on-site replaced existing units removed with knock-down construction. Shafts were also re-routed through existing storage rooms with complex offsets to locate exhaust fans in the same locations as the Biomanufacturing Center’s fans.

Research-Inspired Design

The design takes inspiration from the research — the cell response and regulation of molecular mechanisms in the immune system that increase (e.g., Parkinson's) and decrease (e.g., cancer) apoptosis, or programmed cell death. Contrasting materials express this juxtaposition in the space, taking on different opacity levels, depth and finish — opaque vs. transparent, surface vs. embossed, gloss vs. matte. Application of these finishes in touchdown, break and collaboration space, and glass windows that allow views into the labs put “science on display” for all users and visitors.

Daylit Conditions Where None Exists

Given the intense nature of research, creating a comfortable and warm environment outside of the lab was paramount for staff morale and retention. Challenging that idea was a lack of access to natural light within the space. To address this challenge, designers installed light fixtures that run on a circadian rhythm, changing color temperature to match the sun. Faux skylights bring the experience of daylight into a windowless suite.

workstations at Cedars-Sinai Innovation Center
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

West Hollywood, CA
United States

28,835 sf (2679 m²)