Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvements Construction Management

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Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvements Construction Management

Overseeing Construction on a Design-Build Project With an Accelerated Schedule 

An effort to transform a strip of freeway in one of the densest parts of New York City is underway, and HDR is assisting the New York State Department of Transportation in overseeing construction of $1 billion of the program.

The work, which will improve safety and increase access to the Hunts Point Market, involves major improvements to the Bruckner Expressway and the Sheridan connector to Interstate 95. The program includes significant deck replacement work, building of new exit and entrance ramps, work over two major railroads, building of two new parks, and a pedestrian underpass below the expressway to connect the parklands.

We are serving as the construction manager/construction quality assurance engineer for two of the three projects, overseeing complicated construction work in stages while the highway remained open during the four years of the two projects. 

Scope of Work

The first project, which was awarded in 2019, features the reconstruction of a nine-span overpass, rebuilding of three bridges over railroad tracks, extensive roadway replacement, and two new ramps connecting Hunts Point Peninsula with the Bruckner Expressway and Sheridan Boulevard. This project consists of major utility relocation work along with abundant community coordination.

The work also comprises pavement rehabilitation, including reconstruction and resurfacing, sidewalk and curb replacement, redesign of local intersections, installation of new traffic and pedestrian crossing signals, construction of a shared use path, replacement of fence and retaining wall parapet along the railroad right of way, street lighting, landscaping and drainage improvements.

The second project, awarded in 2021, encompasses the rehabilitation of the Bruckner Expressway from Barretto Street to 141st Street, including structural strengthening, replacement of the concrete bridge deck and barrier, concrete and steel repairs, replacement of the bearings and pedestals, structural steel painting and concrete substructure protective sealing.

In addition, we oversaw the construction of two new ramps: Entrance Ramp LB from Leggett Avenue to the Westbound Bruckner Expressway and Exit Ramp BL from Westbound Bruckner Expressway to Leggett Avenue; widening of the Bruckner Expressway from Barretto Street to 141st Street; replacement of lighting; removal and replacement of the overhead sign structures; replacement of the variable message sign panels; and replacement of the drainage.

Both projects are on budget and on schedule, and we continue to assist the department with managing the work effectively.

This is a major project for New York City. 

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Rapid Construction Management For an Efficient Project

The program is massive. For example, the second project alone involves the removal and replacement of approximately 1,400 bridge bearings, including structural lifting operations, in order to lift and temporarily support the structure for each installation.

At the same time, the design-build contract reduces the project time greatly from a typical project, and we helped to ensure that the entire construction team was using the latest contract documents in order to carry out proper inspection.

Furthermore, given that the Bruckner and Sheridan are critical traffic corridors, the expressway had to remain open during construction, in each direction. To do this, the contractors performed stage construction and had to work multiple shifts, including many nights and weekends.

To meet the aggressive schedule, our team also worked two shifts, six days each week, to ensure that the projects moved along. We performed extensive material testing of concrete for three years, which encompassed well over 1,000 concrete tests and numerous compaction tests for structural fill.

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Bringing Livability Through a New Park

The NYSDOT kept a focus on equity for this project in the Bronx.

One way it met this goal was to enhance the community features around the project. The first project includes a new park on the south side and a rebuilt park on the north side, with a pedestrian underpass connecting them.

This includes installing walkways, benches, viewing stations for the river below, trees, and other landscaping features.

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