On-Dock Support Facility at Pier B Rail Yard

Port of Long Beach cranes at sunset

On-Dock Support Facility at Pier B Rail Yard

The Port of Long Beach is modernizing its on-dock rail infrastructure to reap more of the sustainable benefits of shipping freight by rail rather than truck. HDR is providing preliminary engineering services and environmental support for the first phase of the port’s On-Dock Support Facility at Pier B Rail Yard project.  

On-dock rail helps reduce traffic congestion by taking trucks off the road: One double-stacked intermodal train can eliminate up to 750 truck trips, and trains are up to four times more fuel efficient. Good for the environment as well as business, this project will enhance capacity, velocity and safety, boosting containers shipped by rail by an estimated 35 percent.

Key components of the project include: realignment of the existing Pier B Street and Pico Avenue; closure of the Ninth Street grade crossing; expansion of the existing yard to 38 storage tracks; expansion of inbound-outbound staging tracks to accommodate up to five 10,000 foot trains; removal of the Shoemaker Bridge ramps and other streets between Ninth Street and 12th St.; relocation of existing utilities; relocation of existing main-line tracks into the North Harbor area; and widening of the Dominguez Channel Bridge to accommodate an additional track. 

We are also coordinating utility relocations, working closely with  POLB, the cities of Long Beach and  Los Angeles, and utility agencies. Our holistic approach includes subsurface and pothole investigations, and soil sampling and hazmat programs. Our team is coordinating with more than 80 utility owners and agencies with a surplus of 700 utility lines.

In support of the Port’s Green Port Policy, HDR will perform sustainable-design and technology studies on key areas such as air quality, energy efficiency and conservation, materials and water conservation, and waste handling. 

The technology study will investigate alternative technologies for container movement using advanced, non-polluting technologies other than rail or heavy truck. It also will assess technologies related to improving rail service operations, including intelligent transportation systems, and advanced transportation management information and security.

Port of Long Beach cranes at sunset
Port of Long Beach

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