Siemens Corporation Princeton Lobby Renovation

Seimens Corporation Princeton Lobby Renovation

Siemens Corporation Princeton Lobby Renovation

Modernized Space Attracts and Retains a Diverse Workforce

Due to the changing multi-generational workforce, driven by millennials, the Siemens Princeton office wanted to update their main lobby and design for this incoming workforce. The redesign includes a more upscale space with new finishes, technology and flexible furniture.

Each type of light is zoned separately by a central lighting control system. An upscale touchscreen located behind the reception desk provides control of preset scenes to create atmospheres for a variety of events ranging from upbeat companywide meetings to intimate evening parties.  Each zone is dimmed, and applicable zones are connected to photocells responding to available daylight.

The reception area, coffee bar, and lounge areas allow for staff interactions; while viewing media has transformed the space. The design supports Siemen’s new progressive culture and vision, and is an effort to attract and retain future generations of talent.

Seimens Corporation Princeton Lobby Renovation
Siemens Corporation

Princeton, NJ
United States

8,400 sf (780 m²)


Honorable Mention (2020)
Commercial Singular Space, Interior Design Awards
American Society of Interior Designers Pennsylvania East