Stibnite Gold Project

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Stibnite Gold Project

Opening the earth responsibly takes research, planning and a lot of permitting.

That’s why Midas Gold turned to us to help bring their Golden Meadows redevelopment project to life.

Deep within the Rocky Mountains, we’ve spent the past couple of years working together to evaluate environmental conditions and create a plan of operations for Midas Gold’s proposed gold and antimony mine. Located on a brownfield site within patented federal load claims and land managed by the U.S. Forest Service, detailed plans and successful permitting are musts to move the project forward.

For two and a half years we sampled surface water quality at 50 sites. With a sophisticated safety plan in place, our engineers used snowmobiles, hiked and skied rugged mountains to gather samples. We built a secure database from the ground up to perform water quality analyses critical for NPDES permitting down the road. Combined with a host of our environmental studies on things like cultural resources and wetlands, Midas Gold is close to defining the mine’s operational footprint for the future.

Since access to the remote Golden Meadows site is limited, we worked side by side with Midas Gold to engineer a 50-mile access road as an alternative traffic route that shifts travel away from two sensitive river corridors. And we designed a 125-person homestead for construction workers so they could live close to their mountain work.

It’s just the beginning at Golden Meadows. If all goes as planned the billion-dollar mining project has the potential to restore the area’s environment and generate nearly 1,000 jobs.

view of project site
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