Sarpy County Emergency Levee Monitoring | An Assessment of the Benefits of DWR’s Levee Inspection Program in California’s Central Valley

Utility and Community Resilience

Protecting and Planning Your Infrastructure Investments

A community’s resilience begins with the discovery and assessment of infrastructure vulnerabilities to natural and human-made hazards. Risks such as cyberattacks, malevolent acts, pandemics and epidemics, extreme storm events, climate change, and seismic activity challenge our livelihoods. With these threats in mind, there has never been a greater need for long-term resiliency and reliability of essential community services.

Our diverse team of engineers, risk analysts, meteorologists and security/asset management specialists can provide the decision support necessary to prioritize technical, operational and business objectives related to utility operations and resiliency. By promoting One Water concepts, we help utilities develop and plan more cost-effective and holistic infrastructure improvements to meet the future challenges in our communities.

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Business Systems Analyst and Project Manager
Director, Utility Management Services
Asset Management Lead
Water/Wastewater Project Manager
Senior Hydrometeorologist
Water/Wastewater Project Manager
Senior Water Resources Project Manager
Director, Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

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