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Geospatial & Information Management

From Data to Insights — Leveraging Spatial Technology for Informed Decision-Making

As the amount of data generated and available continues to grow exponentially, so does the need for managing and leveraging data to make informed decisions. Our geospatial and information management practice helps clients develop new, tailored approaches to data acquisition, processing and management that improve data accessibility and application during project development and delivery.

Our geospatial professionals focus on a project’s overall purpose and design data-driven tools. From mapping and spatial analytics to interactive websites and mobile applications, our GeoIM teams work closely with planning, engineering, economics and stakeholder engagement professionals to develop a data management system that informs and supports the project development life cycle.

Our Core Services

Mapping and Spatial Analytics

  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment

Website Design and Application Development

  • Field Inspection Apps
  • Executive Dashboards

Data Acquisition and Processing

  • Asset Inventories
  • Infrastructure Damage Assessments

Data-Driven Decision Support

  • Performance Measures
  • Multi-Modal Safety Improvement

Program Management

  • Online Program Portals
  • Multi-Platform Integration

Public Involvement, Stakeholder Engagement and Market Intelligence

  • Transportation/Commute Profiles

Geospatial Enterprise Infrastructure Consulting

  • Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Software and Hardware Architecture Design
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Our Partnership With Esri: Global Leader in GIS Software

We leverage the Esri platform to create innovative solutions. Our long-standing relationship spans more than 20 years. And, as an Esri Platinum Partner, we align our strategic plan with Esri’s roadmap. We continually invest in our GeoIM program and are proud to have demonstrated the credentials to earn Esri’s ArcGIS Online, Release Ready, and Utility Management specialties.

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Bridget Brown
Geospatial and Information Management Director
Bridget Brown

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Data Solutions Director
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Geospatial Business Development Lead
Joel Griffin, GISP
Senior GIS Analyst
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Federal Geospatial Director
Michael Schmedt
Transportation Geospatial Solutions Director
Brooke Wagner
GIS Manager, East Region
Vanessa Bauman, HDR
Data Solutions Communications Lead
Chelsea Collinge, HDR
Community Analytics Lead
Randy Olden, HDR
GIS Manager, West Region

Success Stories

  • Design of a 16-kilometer subway line with 15 proposed stations
  • Hub suite for organizing large project team, data, information and tools
  • Suite of discipline-specific web applications for review of 2D alignment, properties, utilities, environmental impacts, 3D/building information modeling design data and reality mesh
  • Esri Special Achievement in GIS award (2022)

  • Partnered with client to run fiberoptic cable to all meters and equipment
  • Planned and coordinated installation of cable on 500 miles of existing distribution lines using web-based GIS applications
  • Daily reports, photos and GIS data with customized workflows

  • Converted non-GIS pipeline data to Esri Utility Network-ready Utility Pipeline Data Model
  • Consolidated GIS, CAD and standalone data sources into the geodatabase
  • Created a database to incorporate system integrity-related data for inspections, safety and high-consequence area reporting

  • First container terminal to open in the U.S. since 2009
  • Developed comprehensive GIS-based data collection and management system to support all aspects of construction management
  • Includes a dashboard, field applications, punch lists, reporting, high-definition photos, asset management, maintenance and as-built plans

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