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Interior Design

Connected, Innovative, Branded  

We believe in design that unites and connects people; that fosters interactions; that creates a sense of community — for a moment or a lifetime. From a design standpoint, it’s more about creating a shared and profound experience than simply creating a building or a space.

We design experiential, mixed-use environments that bring people together, infusing a purposeful mix of art, commerce, sustainability and urban energy, to fulfill people’s “live, work and play” desires and ultimately enhance communities.

Leading the Way in Workplace Wellness

The workplace wellness movement is not only here to stay — it's more essential than ever. Dr. Jeri Brittin, director of research at HDR, explains how it's more than a 'feel good' trend.

Our Differentiators

We partner with you to create workplace interiors that focus on employee experience and reflect the latest in workplace attitudes and aspirations. 

By leveraging our expertise in design, strategy, research and analytics, we’re able to consistently discover novel designs and deliver highly integrated solutions.

We believe branded environments are full of thoughtful experiences and authentic touchpoints — created from a deep understanding of user needs and insights. 

Our research connects the places and spaces we design with the strategic goals our clients care about — informing and advancing innovative design concepts, as well as documenting the achievement of targeted outcomes. 

We collaborate with innovative manufacturers to create new, modern solutions to age-old problems for all types of environments.

Shirley Ryan Ability Lab
Human-Centered Design

By leveraging evidence-based concepts, we work to elevate the important emotional, psychological and physical well-being benefits that design interventions can achieve.

Interior Design Leadership

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Global Interior Design Director
Kevin Lynch
Interior Design Director
Amy Mays
Interior Design Director
Brooke Horan
Interior Design Director
Elizabeth Von Lehe, HDR
Design & Brand Strategy Principal
Danielle Masucci
Workplace Design Director
Julie Robertson
Interior Design Director